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Newest Ads in All categories (past week)
Photo Title Desciption Price
Mattel My First Easy-to-Dress Barbie Doll in box My First Barbie... $ 35 USD Jul 1-22:16
1996 Happy Holidays Barbie Doll, Special Edition The box says... $ 18 USD Jul 1-22:06
Mattel's Flight Time Barbie Gift Set incudes wings This is a... $ 20 USD Jul 1-21:59
E. Wilkons Vogue 1963 Lifelike Girl Baby Doll This is one of the... $ 150 USD Jul 1-21:52
E Wilkons 1961 23 inch Vogue Boy Doll Soft Body This lifelike Vogue... $ 140 USD Jul 1-21:47
Ashton Drake Our Lady of Lourdes Doll- NIB This 18 inch Vision... $ 80 USD Jul 1-21:41
Women's/Girl's Apron for Mom, Daughter, Doll Custom-made aprons... $ 58 USD Jul 1-21:31
Ashton Drake Our Lady of Grace Doll - NIB This 18 inch Vision... $ 80 USD Jul 1-21:23
Breyer Equestrian Riding Horse Rider Girl This cute Breyer... $ 10 USD Jul 1-21:18
Franklin Heirloom Doll Gibson Girl Bride Approx 21 inches... $ 80 USD Jul 1-20:00
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